Just days after the thrilling conclusion of IPL 2024, Sunil Gavaskar, former Indian cricket legend, has voiced his discontent with the practice of foreign players leaving the tournament midway to honor national team commitments. In a scathing critique published in his latest column on Mid-day, Gavaskar didn’t hold back in expressing his views.

The Trigger: ECB’s Recall of IPL-Bound Players

Gavaskar’s critique was triggered by the English Cricket Board’s (ECB) decision to recall all IPL-bound English players ahead of schedule for national duty, just weeks before the commencement of the T20 World Cup 2024. This move, aimed at preparing the players for the upcoming Pakistan series, sparked Gavaskar’s ire.

Franchise Loyalty vs. National Duties

While Gavaskar emphasized his support for players prioritizing national duties, he argued vehemently against leaving IPL franchises stranded midway through the season. He pointed out the significant investments made by franchises in acquiring these players and stressed the importance of honoring commitments.

Penalties for Midway Departures

Gavaskar proposed penalties for players who abandon their IPL franchises midway. He suggested imposing pay cuts on such players and advocated for withholding the commission that cricket boards receive from IPL transactions. According to Gavaskar, this would serve as a deterrent against abrupt departures.

Board Accountability

In addition to penalizing players, Gavaskar called for accountability from cricket boards that force players to leave IPL franchises prematurely. He criticized the practice of cricket boards receiving a 10% commission from IPL deals and highlighted the lack of reciprocity from boards towards the BCCI’s generosity.

A Call for Fairness and Gratitude

Gavaskar concluded by stressing the need for fairness and gratitude in cricketing relations. He lamented the lack of acknowledgment for the BCCI’s contributions and criticized boards for what he perceived as backstabbing during crucial IPL playoff stages.

Gavaskar’s outspoken critique sheds light on the complex dynamics between franchise leagues and international cricket commitments, urging for a balance that respects both parties’ interests.

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